(c) Benjamin Marois

Loman is a French-Japanese author, singer and composer. Born between 2 cultures – both opposite and fascinated by each other- Loman’s music gathers influences from both ends to create a chiaroscuro territory.
Nurtured by influences such as Nujabes or Thom Yorke, Loman melodic shapes are built on loud beats to create a wide range of sounds designed to feed people’s imagination.

His first EP, Night Time, co-produced with French electronic band Form (Nowadays Records), written during quarantine, is an invitation to discover what both the night and the realm of dreams have to offer us. Along with his music production, Loman extends his narration through sketches and drawings, in order to immerse his audience in unique cinematic atmospheres.
From poetic self-reflection to lynchian textures, Loman guides you through a path made with enigmatic steps. This is Night Time.